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Chicks on the Grow

During a  brainstorming session  FFA members 
“hatched” the idea for the Chicks on the Grow hunger awareness  that may be able to “kill two birds with one stone” by developing a program that will benefit both the elementary and middle school science needs while helping meet the needs for more high quality protein foods for our local food banks. 
The Chicks on the Grow hunger awareness poultry project will educate students about the agriculture industry and the need to address hunger issues using teacher/student developed lab kits and curriculum.  With the assistance of FFA members, elementary and middle school teachers will use these kits to hatch and  rear chicks to different stages then return them for use in the FFA’s poultry program where meat and eggs are provided for meals to help 400 + needy families in our local community.    We expect to hatch over 600 chicks in the first year that will be given to FFA members for SAE projects and used by the agriscience department’s poultry production operation.   

Cooperative agreements with FFA members that received birds will specify that 1/3 of the production will be returned to the food banks and/or given directly to families in need.  Families that qualify will have the opportunity to have layers or broilers donated directly to them for the adopt-a-flock backyard chicken projects that will provide a valuable protein source and give back to the food pantries any ‘egg-cess’ they may produce.                     

If you are interested in the adopt-a-flock program or the Chicks on the Grow classroom presentations, please e-mail us at to be added to our list of interested participants. 
Join us and get 'Egg-cited' about agriculture in your backyard!


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